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An estimated 6.5 million households in fuel poverty

Official statistics show that fuel poverty affecting households is higher than ever with 3.17 million English households were in fuel poverty, while 791,000 households were in fuel poverty in 2022.

It was also discovered that 2.1 million vulnerable households are now in fuel poverty, which is an increase from 2022.

Adam Scorer, Chief Executive of National Energy Action, commented, “At this rate, the government will miss its 2030 legal fuel poverty target by a country mile and millions will be stuck unable to afford to keep their homes and their families warm and well.”

National Energy Action estimates that 6.5 million UK households are paying 10% of their income on their energy bills, and even though energy bills are forecast to fall slightly come April, their price is still higher than pre-crisis levels.

It was found that in last three months 59% of British adults had turned their thermostat down lower than they wanted, while 52% turned their heating off, even though it was cold in their home.

49% had gone to bed early to stay warm, while 45% had only heated one room of the house. A surprising 6% had foraged in their local area for wood or other fuel.

There is a one-year time lag on this government data, and because fuel poverty is calculated differently by each UK nation, National Energy Action’s figures estimate that the number of households in fuel poverty is much higher than the 2022 data shows. They estimate that currently, 6.5 million UK households are suffering fuel poverty.

Struggling with energy bills?

If you can’t afford your energy bills, the first thing you need to do is speak to your supplier. Many energy companies will have schemes offering financial support, and you can find yours here.

 If you’re unsure of whether you should switch energy supplier ahead of April’s price cap to find a cheaper deal, here are your options.

Debt help

If you need debt advice, we’re always happy to help. You can access our advice online or over the phone.


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