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If we are unable to help you with all of your debts, or for further information and support to help you with your money troubles, please visit MoneyHelper.

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If you’re struggling with debt, there are a range of solutions available. We can advise you on all of them. 

A debt management plan (DMP) is an informal agreement with your creditors giving you longer to pay back non-priority debts like credit cards, buy now pay later and personal loans.  

An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding agreement for you to pay back your non-priority debts at a rate you can afford. It usually lasts five or six years. Afterwards, any remaining debt is written off.  

A debt relief order (DRO) may be suitable if you owe £30,000 or less and don’t have much spare income or own anything of value. A DRO lasts for a year. If your finances don’t improve during that time, your debts are written off.  

Bankruptcy deals with debts you can’t pay, if the value of your possessions is less than the amount you owe. 

Debt consolidation involves using a loan to pay off your other debts. If you've got money worries, debt help may be a better option than borrowing more. 

Some debt solutions are free. Some aren’t. Most are likely to impact your credit score. We can talk you through everything you need to know. 

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, it’s a good idea to get debt advice. We can talk you through everything from better budgeting to formal debt solutions. 

You may be surprised at the range of help available. We’ll explain your options and help you decide on the best way forward. There’s no charge for our advice. 

We’ll look at the money you have coming in and your living expenses. From there, we’ll be able to work out what help is most appropriate. 

It may be that you’re not claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to. Or a formal debt solution, such as an individual voluntary arrangement or a debt relief order, may be more suitable.  

We’ll take into account your immediate money worries and your long-term financial wellbeing before making a recommendation. 

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18 Aug 2023

9.8 million people aren’t confident in making financial decisions

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Money Wellness highlights support needs of vulnerable customers in debt

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The Samaritans deliver resilience training at Money Wellness

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