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AI image of  man on his phone surrounded by £1 coins and slots in gold. Gambling debt. Gambling legislation for online slot games

23 Feb 2024

New gambling regulation announced for online slot games

New limits for online slot games will be introduced from September to provide greater protection for gamblers

Image of an illustrated man carrying a huge red weight that say 'debt'. Find out about how debt solutions could help you

05 Feb 2024

Debt Relief Order applications at highest ever levels

There was a 31% increase in debt relief order (DRO) applications in 2023. Find out about different debt solutions and how they could help you

A worried looking woman going through her bills after Christmas

02 Jan 2024

Dealing with a financial hangover after Christmas

Find out how to tackle a financial hangover if you've overspent this Christmas.

A man places a bet on the football game he's watching on TV

21 Dec 2023

MPs call for cut to football gambling adverts to protect children

A report has called on the government to do more to protect people vulnerable to financial harm through gambling.

A worried woman goes through her finances in a room decorated for Christmas

06 Dec 2023

People urged to take a breath before borrowing for the festive season

With research suggesting 14 million of us will borrow to get us through the festive season, the Money and Pensions Service has urged people to take a breath before getting themselves further into debt.

A woman sits on the stairs with her head in her hands

27 Nov 2023

5.5 million women suffered economic abuse in the past year

One in five women in the UK have suffered economic abuse at the hands of a current or former partner in the last 12 months. Find out where to get help.

A carer offers support to an elderly woman walking with a stick

23 Nov 2023

Struggling carers urged to seek debt help

On Carers' Rights Day 2023 (23 November), we're reminding carers who are struggling financially that they're not alone and we're here to help.

Image of children queuing up to collect food from a school kitchen

20 Nov 2023

School stops feeding kids if parents don’t pay their debts

A school in the North East is punishing children if their parents can't afford to pay food or travel bills

Illustrated image of a bag of money saying fine alongside and a gravel

20 Nov 2023

Thousands benefit from free legal support

Millions of pounds of free legal help has been made available by the government - are you eligible

Image of a 1 and a M helium balloon

14 Nov 2023

Money Wellness reaches £1 million in write-offs

We've worked tirelessly with creditors to help our most vulnerable customers have their debts written off