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illustrated man sick in bed

20 Mar 2024

Sick leave harming personal finances: what are your options?

Long term sick leave is impacting our personal debts. Find out what financial help is available to you.

illustration of stressed out young man looking at bills

18 Mar 2024

32% of Brits living beyond their means

32% of UK adults are living beyond their means. If you're in debt, we can help.

an enlarge phone makes a man jump

18 Mar 2024

UK watchdogs to take action against ‘threatening’ debt collectors

UK financial regulators have published a joint letter that calls on companies to improve their debt collection practices, warning that they’d take ‘robust action’ against companies that are putting their customers mental health at risk.

lots of illustrated people thinking, with question marks above their heads

18 Mar 2024

Failed lenders write off customer debts

Some customers of failed payday and doorstep lenders SafetyNet Credit, Tappily and Morses Club have received emails saying their debts are to be written off.

Building blocks spelling out 'debt' with a ruler next to it measuring how much debt. Eight signs you have a problem with debt

18 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week 18-24 March 2024

Eight signs you have a debt problem and what to do about it

A waiter in a restaurant, black and white illustration

15 Mar 2024

High debt amongst hospitality workers

According to Creditfix, many hospitality workers are struggling with an alarming average debt level of £13,151. If you need debt help, we're here for you.

Illustrated image of a man carrying a heavy red weight that says 'debt'. 15% of the UK population requires debt help. Free debt help

11 Mar 2024

15% of UK population needs debt advice

8.1 million people need help with problem debt last year. Find out what help is available

Illustrated image of a mix of women making a heart sign with their hands. Women and debt

08 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2024

Today is International Women's Day so we've taken a look at how debt disproportionately affects women and the help that is available if you find yourself struggling

illustrated woman experiencing stress; coloured lightning bolts aim at her head

07 Mar 2024

8.1 million people in need of debt advice

8.1 million people need debt advice, while the average household spends £406 on monthly debt repayments, new research finds. Find out how you can get help with your debts.

11 Downing Street, the official residence of the chancellor of the exchequer

06 Mar 2024

Debt relief orders – what’s changing?

Today’s budget saw the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announce a shake-up of debt relief orders (DROs). Find out how a DRO may be able to help if you’re struggling with debt and what’s changing.