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Are you entitled to £120 free food vouchers this summer?

Low-income families struggling to make ends meet are to get free food vouchers worth up to £120 per child to help them through the school holidays.

The vouchers, distributed by the Household Support Fund (HSF), can be used at big shops like Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

What is the Household Support Fund (HSF)?

The HSF was launched by the Conservative government in 2021 to help with the cost of living crisis. It provides money and vouchers to help with things like food and energy bills. It was due to end in April but was extended until September in the spring budget.

Support from the HSF is distributed by councils who decide how best to give out the money in their area. This means the help you’ll get will depend on where you live and the decision your local council has made. But, in many areas, families who get free school meals are likely to get the help over the 6-week school summer holiday.

How much will you get?

The amount of help you get depends on your local council and your situation. For example:

  • Buckinghamshire Council is providing free digital food vouchers to families with children who receive free school meals, the early years pupil premium, or have a 2-year-old funded education place because a parent is getting additional government support.
  • In Devon, families in receipt of certain benefits will get a £60 voucher over the summer.
  • Families in Hertfordshire will also get £60 in vouchers.
  • And in Norfolk, families getting free school meals will get a £15 voucher each month, plus an extra £15 in July and August.
  • In Cambridgeshire, Cheshire and West Chester, families will get £15 per week for each child getting free school meals during the holidays.

How to apply for help

Check your local council's website to see what support is available. In most cases, the vouchers will be sent automatically to families getting free school meals. But in some areas, you might need to apply by filling in a form. So, if you're not sure if you're eligible or haven't got help before, check with your council.

You can find your local council at YouGov.

Key things to remember:

• The support available depends on where you live

• Families on low incomes or benefits are likely to qualify

• Check your council's website for details on how to get the help

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