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Budget-friendly thank-you gifts for teachers

Teachers and kids everywhere are counting down the final days until school’s out for summer.

If there’s a teacher who’s helped make the past school year an enjoyable (bearable) one for your child, you may well want to show your gratitude.

But when you’re on a tight budget, the last thing you need is to be forking out on presents for teachers.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas that won’t break the bank:


Create a masterpiece

Kids love to get creative, and a present is even more special if it comes from the heart. Why not get your child to channel their inner Picasso and create a personalised drawing or painting for their teacher. They could name and date it to act as a permanent reminder. Make it extra special by having it framed for a few £s.


Homemade treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Why not spend some time with your kid baking cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. You could package them up nicely in a decorated homemade container.


Classroom supplies

Teachers sometimes have to spend their own money on classroom supplies. What about donating some essential items like pens, pencils, markers, or notebooks to their classroom? It’s a thoughtful gesture that pays forward for the incoming year group.


Blooming lovely

A bouquet of flowers or a small pot plant will brighten any teacher’s day. Keep costs down by planting seeds in a small pot and they can watch the flowers bloom at home. Your kid could decorate the pot to make the present extra special.

Alternatively, you could pick flowers from the garden or grab a small bunch from the supermarket for around £5.



There are lots of bookmark templates online that can be printed off or you can create your own. Get your child to decorate them with memories of the school year, quotes or some beautiful artwork.


Coffee break

What about treating the teacher to their next morning coffee? Get them a gift card for a local coffee shop so their next caffeine hit can be on you. It doesn’t need to cost much, it’s the thought that counts.


Get the class together

Get the whole class involved in a collaborative project. You could make a gratitude jar filled with notes from the children describing their best memories from the school year. Or you could create a scrapbook of photos and messages. It’ll be a gift that they’ll treasure forever.


Supermarket sweep

If you’ve left it too late and run out of time, all the major supermarkets have a range of pocket friendly gifts that are perfect for teachers. Aldi has a ‘thank you teacher’ love-heart toy for £4.99. Tesco is offering a range of chocolate treats starting from £4. And Asda has bouquets of flowers and candles starting at £4.


Ultimately, it’s the gesture itself that counts, and teachers will appreciate your recognition and gratitude regardless of the cost.

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