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Could you save money by switching supermarket?

Lidl has stolen Aldi’s crown as the cheapest supermarket in the UK for the first time in 17 months.

Which? compared the cost of a trolley of shopping containing 44 popular items at the eight biggest supermarkets in October and found the lowest priced was Lidl’s at £74.58.

Cheapest supermarkets

Despite losing the top spot, Aldi was a close second – with the same trolley of goods costing just 17p more than its rival at £74.75.

Next cheapest was Asda at £82.11, followed by Tesco at £85.34 and Sainsbury’s at £85.88.                                                                                               

Morrisons was just slightly behind on £86.35.

Most expensive supermarkets

Out of the eight biggest supermarkets in the UK, Waitrose came out as being the most expensive at £91.15 for the same items that cost £74.58 at Lidl.

Ocado was second most expensive at £90.37.

For a bigger shop

Which? also compared a larger trolley of 135 items, including a larger number of branded groceries.

As Lidl and Aldi don’t always stock big-brand products, they were left out of this comparison.

For this larger shop, Asda came out on top with a total cost of £328.42.

Morrisons shot up the table in this comparison, coming in at number two with a total cost of £339.40.

Ocado also fared better with a total cost of £354.54. followed by Tesco at £358.08 and Sainsbury’s at £364.61.

Waitrose proved most expensive in this comparison too, at £378.08.

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