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Do you have a Nationwide account? You could receive a £100 payment from today

Around 3.4 million Nationwide Building Society customers will receive £100 in their bank account from today, as part of their share in a £340 million bonus scheme.

Payments will be sent out automatically to current account holders between today and 30 June under the ‘Nationwide Fairer Share Payment,’ a reward launched for millions of its member who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Do you qualify for the £100 payment?

To qualify, you must have one of the following product combinations with Nationwide:

  • A qualifying current account and qualifying savings
  • A qualifying current account and qualifying mortgage

Qualifying current accounts include:

  • FlexPlus
  • FlexOne
  • FlexStudent
  • FlexGraduate
  • FlexAccount
  • FlexDirect
  • FlexBasic

You should be eligible if you’ve had one of these current accounts and at least £100 in one or more savings accounts or cash ISAs with Nationwide at the end of any day in March 2023.

Plus is you owed at least £100 on your Nationwide residential mortgage on 31 March, you’ll qualify for the payment.

It’s even better news if you have a joint current account, savings, or mortgage as you’ll both qualify separately, meaning you’ll receive £200 in total.

If you’re still unsure if you qualify, there’s an eligibility checked on the Nationwide website –

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