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Free kids tickets for Chester Zoo

Do you have a budding zoologist on your hands? Chester Zoo wants to open their eyes to conservation and the wonders of creatures big and small by offering 35,000 free tickets for kids.

Chester Zoo - the UK’s largest charity zoo - has been running its free ticket scheme since 2017. During that time more than 100,000 children have explored the zoo and learnt all about the inspiring work the conservation charity does.

The zoo has reopened the scheme for 2024/25 with 35,000 free places up for grabs for schools, nurseries, and colleges to claim.

Every organisation that applies for tickets will also receive a free resources pack to help maximise the educational impact of their zoo visit.

Application for tickets must be made by 22 March, with visits days available between 1 November and 2 February.

Places are open to educational organisations who haven’t taken advantage of the scheme in the last four years and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Charlotte Smith, director of conservation education and engagement at Chester Zoo, said: “Every one of us is a custodian of our natural world. But it is the next generation of conservationist who are fundamentally important to overcoming the environment and biodiversity challenges our plant is facing.

“They are inspiring, and they give us hope, which is why we’re so keen to connect them with the awe and wonder of nature and help nurture their passion and desire to make a difference.

“It’s proven that a visit to the zoo can significantly enhance people’s understanding of the huge efforts that go into conserving highly threated species, while also bringing physical and mental health benefits.

“That’s why we particularly want to reach youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds and ensure they are the primary beneficiaries of the initiative, so we can provide them with the skills and know-how to go on and make a real, positive difference to wildlife in their everyday lives.”

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