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Which toys from the '80s could make you a tidy packet?

As Hamleys announces its top ten toys for Christmas, it’s got us thinking about toys from yesteryear.

And which ones could make you a tidy packet (if you were prepared to part with them of course!)

Toys from the 1980s are particularly popular these days and can sell for hefty sums of money. Nostalgia among collectors who grew up in the decade is partly responsible for this, along with the fact it was an era of real creativity and innovation in the toy industry.

According to Zavvi – the online entertainment and pop culture shop – these are ten of the most valuable vintage toys from the 80s.

10. Game Boy (£634)

If you have a Nintendo Game Boy from the ‘80s tucked away in the loft, you might want to go and dig it out. Its exact value will depend on its condition but an unused device in its original box can go for over £600.

9. Cabbage Patch Doll (£732)

These dolls were seriously ugly but they could make you a pretty penny if you still have one today. Due to their limited availability, they can sell for over £700.

8. 1983 Indiana Jones action figure (£773)

If you have a factory-sealed Indiana Jones figurine from 1983, it could be worth nearly £800.

7. Daredevil Comic #186 (£891)

This is considered one of the greatest Marvel comic book editions of all time, as the character Elektra makes her first appearance.

If you're lucky enough to have a copy, its price will depend on how well it’s been looked after. One in mint condition could go for nearly £900.

6. 1986 American Girl Doll (£962)

The American Girl Dolls were historical dolls, each representing a different era of American history.

They included a Victorian one, a pioneer and a World War II doll. Each one came with its own book about the time period it was from.

Considered valuable pieces of American history, these dolls can go for nearly £1,000.

5. Star Wars action figures (£1,728)

If you have original figures from the first 1977 Star Wars film and they’re in mint condition, they could be worth thousands of pounds.

The rare Han Solo small head toy (not the later version with a big head) can go for well over £1,500.

4. Vintage G.I. Joe (£385.50 - £2,033.30)

Some of the rarer and more valuable G.I. Joe figures include the Green Beret, the Talking G.I Joe and the Deep Sea Diver.

A reseller has previously made over £2,000 for a set of 353 figurines and accessories.

3. He-Man action figure (£2,550)

Untouched in their original boxes, He-Man action figures have been known to sell for £2,550. By the power of Greyskull! That's a lot of dough!

2. Pepsi Optimus Prime (£4,148)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Transformers, Pepsi and Hasbro created a limited edition Optimus Prime. The toy has a red, white and blue colour scheme inspired by Pepsi’s logo.

These toys can now be worth over £4,000.

1. The Atari game Red Sea Crossing (£8,549)

Atari played a key role in the development of video games. And while most Atari games aren’t worth much, rare ones can be highly prized.

Red Sea Crossing is a game based on Moses crossing the Red Sea. There are only two known copies, one of which sold for a staggering £8,549 in 2012.

So, if you have any Atari cartridges hidden away, it might be worth checking out how much they’re going for.

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