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Asda extends kids eat for £1 deal

Supermarket giant Asda has extended its kids eat for £1 café offer until the end of the year.

It has dished up over two million meals to kids since it launched the deal last June.

Households see rise in disposable income

This comes as the supermarket’s latest income tracker shows households saw their disposable income increase slightly in July. The amount households had to spend on themselves after paying for the essentials was up an average of £9.48 a week compared to the same month last year.

Compared to June, disposable income was up £6.09 a week. This means average disposable income was at its highest level since March 2022 at £218 a week.

The extra money in people’s pockets is down to easing inflation caused by lower energy and food prices.

Households still struggling

Despite the positive signs, disposable income is still way below the levels seen before the cost-of-living crisis. On average, households have £25.99 a week less to spend than they did in July 2021.

Hardest hit

There are also marked differences between different age groups, with those aged 30-49 hardest hit. Their spending on essentials was 9.4% higher in July compared to the same month a year earlier. They spent an average of £726 a week on essentials - £135 more than the average for all age groups.

Biggest rise in disposable income

Those aged 65+ saw the biggest increase in disposable income last month, with a 7.8% rise. This is partly down to the uplift to the state pension.

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