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Call for more support to help people back to work

With record numbers out of work in the UK, the government needs to adopt a more joined up approach to help people re-join the jobs market, it has been claimed.

Nearly 9 million out of work

There are currently 8.7 million people in the UK without a job. Not all of them will be able to work but those who can and who want to are being let down, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

Why the current system is failing

The LGA explained, although there are at least 51 national schemes in England designed to support people back to work, none of them join up and very few are designed specifically to address why individuals don’t have jobs.

Many of those keen to start work are ineligible for job support from jobcentres if they are not claiming out-of-work benefits. This means they miss out on suitable roles.

Reasons for being out of work

The LGA said the reasons for people being out of work range from physical and mental health conditions, loss of confidence, to access to transport and the need to gain new qualifications.

Call for action

The LGA is calling for targeted support provided through local councils to address the underlying causes of why so many people are out of work and unable or unwilling to return.

The body has called for:

  • long-term, simplified funding
  • eligibility for existing schemes to be broadened out to reach those that really need it
  • support to be linked to other frontline services, such as community learning and the NHS, so organisations can work together to support people back into work
  • in-work support to help people hold down new jobs

No quick fix

The chairman of the LGA’s people and places board, Martin Tett, said:

“Economic inactivity does not have a quick fix and short-term, limited schemes will not be enough to get millions of people back into work.

“Councils know their communities best and can use their unique coordinating role to tackle this fundamental national issue and its underlying causes.

“Given the right powers and funding, local government can do so much more to unlock the labour market, join up support and boost economic growth.”

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