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A young woman with head in arms who looks stressed

26 Feb 2024

Youngsters with mental health problems who do poorly at school more likely to be out of work

A new report warns the UK risks creating a "lost generation" if it doesn't tackle the mental health crisis among young people who don't do well at school.

An unemployed young man living in a deprived area gazes out of the window of his flat

19 Jan 2024

‘Bad health blackspots’ linked to persistent unemployment – find out what support’s available if you’re too sick to work

As a new report highlights the link between poor health and economic inactivity, we look at the benefits that are available to you if you're unable to work due to a long-term health condition.

An illustration of a man lying squashed under the word 'tax'

08 Jan 2024

Earning less than £29k? Your NI cut will be wiped out by stealth taxes

Frozen tax thresholds will leave many worse off despite the cut in national insurance introduced at the weekend. Find out how you’ll be affected.

A company boss gazing out of his office window at the city below

04 Jan 2024

Top bosses to surpass the average worker’s salary less than 4 days into 2024

As you get ready to tuck into your lunch today, Britain's big bosses' earnings will already have surpassed the typical fulltime worker's annual salary. Try not to choke on your sandwich.

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06 Dec 2023

Britain’s 15-year decline has led to £8,300 living-standards gap with its peers

A new report has revealed 15 years of decline in Britain has seen a living-standards gap of £8,300 open up between us and countries like France and Germany.

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30 Nov 2023

When to expect the cut in national insurance

The House of Commons is debating today (30 November) the bill that will see workers national insurance contributions cut. Find out what it will mean for you, including when it will come into force.

A delivery bike rider on a zero-hours contract

24 Nov 2023

Most workers unaware of zero-hour contract rights

As plans are made for the introduction of a new law on predictable work patterns for those on zero-hours contracts, a new poll reveals workers are in the dark about their rights.

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Money Wellness

22 Nov 2023

Our thoughts on the autumn statement

Sebrina McCullough, head of external relations here at Money Wellness, has responded to today's autumn statement by saying there's more work to be done.

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22 Nov 2023

Autumn statement – what it means for you

Find out how your finances will be affected by the policies announced in the autumn statement.

Illustration of a group of working women

22 Nov 2023

Mind the gap! Call for better flexible work options to close gender pay gap

From today (22 November), women will effectively work the rest of the year for free due to the gender pay gap. Find out how one charity thinks we can close the gap.