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EGGciting low-cost ways to keep the kids entertained this Easter

With Easter on the way, we’ve pulled together a list of seasonal activities to entertain the kids. With everything from egg hunts to bunny tag to baking, you’re bound to find something to add some EGGstra fun to the school holidays. 


Hold an egg hunt

Whether it’s indoors or outside, an egg hunt is fun for everyone and gives kids the chance to exercise their competitive side.

This is the ultimate in classic Easter activities for kids. There are several ways to organise your Easter egg hunt depending on how much space you have, how many children you’re organising it for, and the age range of the kids involved. Toddlers generally lose interest if they can’t find things quickly, while older children love a bit of a challenge.

-          Rhyming easter egg hunt

Create a set of rhyming clues for the kids to follow until they reach the final treasure location. For example: ‘Look outside, search a lot, somewhere near a flower ***’ (pot).

-          An Easter treasure hunt

Create a pirate-style Easter hunt by drawing a treasure map that plots out where the eggs are hidden.

-          Spooky Easter egg hunt

Add a spooky twist by holding your hunt in the evening. Put glow sticks inside plastic eggs and hide them. You can do this inside or out.

Easter puzzle

Write a message on a large piece of paper saying where the biggest egg is hidden. Cut the paper up and hide each piece (maybe with a small egg). When the kids have found all the puzzle pieces, they can put them together to find the main prize.

-          Easter scavenger hunt

Give the kids a sheet with a list of eggs and Easter items they need to find. For example: ‘Find two blue eggs. Find one yellow chick. Find one buttercup.’


Bake Easter cookies

From bunnies to hatching chicks, baking some cookies together and decorating them is a great way to spend an afternoon. You could even share your creations with friends and neighbours as a cost-effective Easter gift. There are plenty of recipes to follow online.


Visit a pet farm

Easter is the perfect time of the year to visit a pet farm. After a long winter, the kids will love to run around the farm, taking in all the delights of spring. They could bottle feed a lamb or hold a baby chick.


On yer bike!

Now the weather’s improving (hopefully) why not pop on your helmets and hop on your bikes. There are lots of traffic-free routes which are perfect for families. Find one close to you on the Sustrans website. And remember to keep an eye out for the Easter bunny!


Get colouring

Print off some fun Easter colouring pages so your kids can unleash their creativity. There are lots online. Then hang them up around the house for some seasonal décor. Your little artist will be thrilled to be exhibited in their very own gallery.


Watch an Easter film

There may not be as many to choose from as there are at Halloween or Christmas, but there are still some great Easter movies you can sit down to watch together. Make some popcorn, cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy.


Plant some flowers

Spring is the ideal time for planting flowers. Gather any old pots, pans, or wellington boots the kids have outgrown, poke drainage holes in the bottom of them and fill with compost.

Sunflowers are a favourite among kids as they grow very quickly and are easy to look after.

Place your new plants outside your front door. Your kids will love to see their old wellies blooming.


Create an Easter play

Why not get the children to put on their own Easter play or puppet show? Those mismatched socks that are always hanging around are perfect for puppets. And old buttons, scraps of wool and fabric, pipe cleaners and ribbon are great for decorating.


Take a trip to the woods

Woods across the country burst into life in the Spring and are a great environment for kids to explore. Whether you go on foot or find somewhere you can take the bikes, the time will fly by. Just don’t forget the picnic!


Easter egg slime

Slime has taken over the world so we may as well make it festive. You can make your own by combining three ingredients:

-          one bottle of glue

-          one tablespoon of baking soda

-          two tablespoons of slime activator (available at stationery shops)

You can store your slime in hollow plastic eggs to be played with when you have a spare hour to kill.


These are just a few different ideas on how to keep the kids busy on a budget this Easter. However, if money worries are making it hard for you to focus on fun, get in touch. We offer free advice on how to deal with financial concerns, so you can spend less time worrying and more time making Easter memories with the kids.

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