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Football fans warned about losing out on ticket scams

With the football season off to a flying start, Lloyds Bank has warned fans to be wary of ticket purchase scams.

Purchase scams are when someone is tricked into sending money via bank transfer – also known as faster payment – to buy goods or services that don’t exist. Often advertised on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, the fraudsters know they can cash in on desperate supporters willing to pay over face-value for tickets.

Reported cases of football ticket scams increased by more than two-thirds (68%) in the second half of last season, with victims losing £410 on average.

Unsurprisingly, it’s fans of the big-six clubs and the national team that have been worst affected, with fraudsters knowing that most major matches will be sold out.


How to buy football tickets safely

The English Premier League makes it clear you should only buy tickets directly from clubs. You can also buy tickets from authorised partners – the details for these partners will be on your club’s website.

Lloyds Bank warns that if you do buy tickets from an unauthorised source, how you pay is important.

Paying with credit or debit cards provides protection from Section 75, meaning supporters may be able to claim back any monies lost if the tickets don’t arrive.

Bank transfer offers you no protection if things go wrong – it was never designed as a way of paying for goods – so once the money has left your account, it has gone.


Lloyds Bank’s top tips for buying football tickets

  • Always use your debit or credit card when buying online as this helps to protect your money if things go wrong.
  • Fraudsters use social media to advertise tickets that don’t exist. They can even send offers straight to your inbox. If you’re looking for tickets, always search for it yourself and use a trusted source.
  • Low prices and seemingly great deals are often used to disguise scams. Remember if demand is high or a game is sold out, fraudsters can charge more to trick desperate buyers.
  • Only buy direct from the club or their official partners. Follow the Premier League’s guide on how to purchase tickets safely at
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