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Lloyds bank warns holidaymakers they could be falling for a scam when booking a holiday

Lloyds Bank warns holidaymakers to be careful when booking their getaways so they don't fall victim to the latest booking scams.

Elderly fraud victims losing £1 million a day, Liberal Democrats reveal

Across the UK, over 65s are losing £1.2 million to fraud every day. Find out how you can report a scam and outsmart scammers.

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Stress Awareness Month 2024: Half of UK adults impacted by financial stress

April marks Stress Awareness Month. New research has found that almost half of UK adults are impacted by financial stress, but there are things you can do to ease your stress and get financial help.

illustration of scammers unlocking bank details on a computer
Watch out for fake banking website scams

Fraudsters often use fake bank websites to get you to give them your details. We tell you how to avoid getting scammed by these fraudsters.

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Women falling down a ‘financial confidence’ gap

A survey by HSBC found women lose out to their male counterparts when it comes to comes to money. To tackle this issue, HSBC has launched a series of ‘inspiring money confidence’ webinars

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UK drivers issued 35,000 tickets a day; how to appeal a fine

Find out how to appeal unfair parking fines.

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Top bank accounts if you're in debt or have a bad credit score

The best bank accounts you can apply for if you're in debt or suffer from a bad credit score.

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Mum of three scammed out of a family holiday

A mum of three had to cancel a family holiday after learning they had been scammed out of more than £4,000, the Independent reports. What to do if you've been scammed.

Spring budget 2024 announcements
The spring budget 2024 – what it means for you

Jeremy Hunt has set out his spending plans for the coming months. Find out what it means if you’re claiming benefits, a parent, a taxpayer, struggling to afford the basics or looking for debt help.