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Get up to 5GB of free data if you book your holiday with On The Beach

Holiday firm On the Beach is offering free mobile data with every booking to help UK travellers avoid roaming fees.

So, if you’re looking to book a holiday abroad anytime soon, you should know that customers are eligible for 5GB of free data when they book a trip with On the Beach, after the company’s research found that Brits are being charged an average of £58.25 for their overseas holiday phone bill.

It also found that 58% of Brits have had data roaming bills of over £100.

But if you buy a holiday package with On the Beach, you’ll  be able to access the internet by installing a digital eSIM that lets you keep your own phone number.

 How do I get 5GB of free data?

 Book a holiday with On the Beach, it’s that simple! But the amount of data you get depends on how long you’re away.

 One to four nights: 500MB

Five to six nights:3GB

Seven nights: 5GB

 This free data is given to the lead booker, and can be shared with others by hotspotting. The company has teamed up with Hubby, an eSIM provider. Once you've booked your package, you can download the Hubby app, enter your unique code, and follow  steps to install your eSIM.

The research showed that the average Brit uses 3.9GB of data per week, which is why it’s capped at 5GB for those booking with the company.

It’s always best to shop around and compare though, as you might find some better data deals for when you’re abroad.

According to Which? EE offers 50GB charged at £2 per day or £10 per month, while Three offers 12GB for £2 a day in the EU or £5 per day worldwide, and Vodafone allows 25GB from £1 to £6 per day, depending on the package and location.


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