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Getting your nails done will be more expensive from today

The amount you’ll pay to get your nails done is set to increase from today, after thousands of nail salons joined together to collectively increase their prices.

The National Nail Tech Price Increase day has been organised by the trade body Nail Tech Org (NTO) to ensure that anyone working in the industry earns a fair wage. It follows the findings of a study that revealed nail technicians make just under £7 per hour on average – well under the minimum wage of £11.44.

Amy Guy, founder of the NTO, told Sky News that thousands of technicians and salons are taking part in the increase.

She said: “I get no one really wants to pay more for a service, but this is about making sure nail techs aren’t making less than minimum wage.

“I don’t think people would be happy getting their nails done, knowing the technician wasn’t making minimum wage. That’s what this is about.”

Rising living costs are making salon treatments unaffordable for many. However, there are lots of ways to save money on treatments and pampering, so you don’t have to forgo your beauty regime.

Here’s some of our favourite money-saving hits, tips and swaps to keep you looking polished and without breaking the bank.

Use up loyalty points

Do some research to find the beauty retailers offering loyalty points that you can cash in for money off future purchases. Boots runs one of the largest schemes in the country, offering four points for every £1 spent.

Alternatively, look for ‘recommend a friend schemes’, so you can both receive money off future treatments or purchases.

Sign up for offers

Lots of salons and shops offer exclusive discounts or freebies if you sign up to their emails. Others run competitions on social media, where sharing their page can lead to free treatments. Sign up and reap the benefits.

Take part in product testing

Beauty product testing sites are always looking for people to try out their products for free in return for providing feedback. There’s lots of different ones to choose from including Boots Volunteer Panel, Home Tester Club, Latest Free Stuff and Free Cosmetic Testing.  

Do your own nails

Women spend between £150 and £200 a month on average having their nails done.

It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of having your nails done every couple of weeks – and it can be liberating for your bank balance to break free.

You can pick up nail polish from just 99p, while Primark, Home Bargains and B&M all sell stick on nails for about the same price that are a cheap alternative to gel.

Make your own

Raid your kitchen cupboards and you’ll find lots of ingredients that can be quickly turned into DIY beauty products. For instance, you could whip up a quick body scrub by blending olive oil, orange and some almonds, or make a moisturiser for less than £1 from plain yoghurt mixed with orange and lemon juice.

Search out trainees or visit colleges

Lots of salons offer free – or reduced – treatments in return for their apprentices gaining experience. Alternatively, get in touch with your local college and see if their beauty courses need any models. There’s no need to worry as they’re all usually closely observed by an expert make sure nothing goes wrong.

Go for refillable

From shampoos and conditioners to cleansers and moisturisers, many brands are now offer, environmentally friendly – and cost effective - refillable products. Buy the bottle once and keep costs to a minimum by refilling instead of buying new bottles every time you run out.

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