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High debt amongst hospitality workers

A personal insolvency specialist has issued a warning about a concerning trend of mounting debt among the hospitality workforce. 

According to Creditfix, many hospitality workers are struggling with an alarming average debt level of £13,151.

The surge in prices at hospitality venues like bars and restaurants has the potential to make the financial strain on consumers worse,  resulting in reduced spending on dining and entertainment. This then gives businesses a challenge as they struggle with a 20% inflation rate in operating costs. Many are resorting to zero-hours contracts. 53% of businesses doing this say it’s to offset rising expenses.

Maxine McCreadie, Personal Finance Expert at Creditfix, said “During these challenging times in the hospitality sector, it’s crucial for businesses to prioritise financial stability, both for their employees and their own sustainability. By understanding the financial strain faced by staff, businesses can better support their teams and ensure operational resilience.

“Businesses can play a vital role in connecting their employees with professional financial guidance. Encouraging staff to seek support from financial experts can empower them to navigate financial challenges more effectively, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and productivity.

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