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Interest rates to stay the same despite inflation drop

Interest rates have been held at 5.25% for the tenth consecutive month, despite hopes that falling inflation would result in a cut.

Before August last year, the base rate was raised for 14 months in a row in a bid to control spiralling prices. When interest rates are higher, people tend to spend less, which usually causes prices to rise less quickly.

Inflation drop

Yesterday (Wednesday 19 June), the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that annual inflation dropped to the Bank’s 2% target in May, down from 2.3% in April.

Despite this, the Bank still thinks a base rate cut would be premature.

This may be because, although the rate at which food prices are growing has slowed, this is not the case for things like fuel.

Plus, inflation of service costs and home ownership expenses only fell from 5.9% to 5.7% between April and May.  

The ONS figures suggest that while prices are still increasing, they’ve been rising slower since July 2021. On top of this, wages increased by more than inflation.

Market analysts predict a rate cut is likely in August or September.

Worried about paying your rent?

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Struggling to keep up with your mortgage?

If you’re worried about staying on top of your mortgage payments, there is help available. The mortgage charter allows you to switch to interest-only payments or extend the term of your mortgage for six months.

This won’t affect your credit score and can be done without affordability checks.

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Connie Enzler

Connie is a multimedia money-wellness-in-work expert, with a master's in multimedia journalism and over five years' experience as a digital writer and podcast creator. Connie is committed to making debt and personal finance information accessible to all.

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