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Illustration of a woman sitting on a big credit card going through her debts
Money Wellness

20 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week: Sarbjit’s story part two

Yesterday, we heard about Sarbjit’s struggles with debt. Today we talk to her about the obstacles Asian women may face when it comes to getting help with money worries and the need for better financial education in schools.

Illustration of a woman weighed down by lots of credit cards
Money Wellness

20 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week: Sarbjit’s story part one

How we’re helping Sarbjit, after agreeing to be a guarantor for her daughter and an unexpected tax bill landed her in £45k of debt.

Illustration of a hand making a contactless credit card payment
Money Wellness

20 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week: Matthew’s story

Following an acrimonious split from his wife of 18 years that left him with a mountain of debt, Matthew was then laid off from his job. With no way, to pay back his debts, he turned to us for help.

Illustration of a hand reaching out to a crying woman sitting on the floor, hugging her knees
Money Wellness

19 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week: Victoria's story

Forced to give up work due to ill health, Victoria turned to us when she found universal credit payments were insufficient to support a basic standard of living. Stories like Victoria's are all too common these days. Find out what help's available if you're struggling.

An illustration of three figures trying to run away from a debt wrecking ball
Money Wellness

18 Mar 2024

Debt Awareness Week: Josh’s story

How we’re helping 30-year-old Josh deal with £12,000 of credit-card and phone-bill debt.

Image of the Feefo logo. Money Wellness awarded Feefo Platinum Award
Money Wellness

14 Mar 2024

Money Wellness awarded Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award

We're passionate about providing the highest level of service and care for the people we help. Find out about our Feefo Platinum Trusted status

Image of a couple kissing behind a bunch of red heart balloons. 60% of people spending less on Valentine's Day due to cost of living crisis
Money Wellness

09 Feb 2024

The UK’s cost-of-loving crisis – has Valentine’s had its day?

60% of people we surveyed said they will be spending less this Valentine's Day because of cost of living pressures. Find out how lovers are having to cut back and how to celebrate the National Day of Love on a budget

Image of a man with his head in his hands looking at bills with his wife stood behind him holding a baby. Five tips to getting out of debt
Money Wellness

06 Feb 2024

February debt timebomb

We're anticipating a really busy February with a record number of people seeking free debt help. Here's our top five tips if you find yourself struggling

Image of Matt being handed his Waitrose vouchers by Rachel Waywell
Money Wellness

15 Jan 2024

Money Wellness debt adviser named as hero of the month

Matthew Sheeran has been named the Cirrus Centre Hero of the Month

Image of a man cuddling his daughter with blankets around them in a cold home
Money Wellness

30 Nov 2023

Money Wellness to offer a warm space this winter

We've registered to offer a warm space for local people to escape cold homes this winter