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Image of a couple kissing behind a bunch of red heart balloons. 60% of people spending less on Valentine's Day due to cost of living crisis
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09 Feb 2024

The UK’s cost-of-loving crisis – has Valentine’s had its day?

60% of people we surveyed said they will be spending less this Valentine's Day because of cost of living pressures. Find out how lovers are having to cut back and how to celebrate the National Day of Love on a budget

Image of a man with his head in his hands looking at bills with his wife stood behind him holding a baby. Five tips to getting out of debt
Money Wellness

06 Feb 2024

February debt timebomb

We're anticipating a really busy February with a record number of people seeking free debt help. Here's our top five tips if you find yourself struggling

Image of Matt being handed his Waitrose vouchers by Rachel Waywell
Money Wellness

15 Jan 2024

Money Wellness debt adviser named as hero of the month

Matthew Sheeran has been named the Cirrus Centre Hero of the Month

Image of a man cuddling his daughter with blankets around them in a cold home
Money Wellness

30 Nov 2023

Money Wellness to offer a warm space this winter

We've registered to offer a warm space for local people to escape cold homes this winter

Houses of Parliament
Money Wellness

22 Nov 2023

Our thoughts on the autumn statement

Sebrina McCullough, head of external relations here at Money Wellness, has responded to today's autumn statement by saying there's more work to be done.

Money Wellness

16 Nov 2023

Money Wellness celebrates major milestones

There's lots of exciting things going on at Money Wellness. Find out about some of our recent successes that'll mean we can help even more people with their problem debt

HM Treasury sign
Money Wellness

15 Nov 2023

Our wish list for the Autumn Statement

With the chancellor finalising his announcement for next Wednesday, we set out the five things we'd like to be included to help households struggling with the cost of living

Image of a 1 and a M helium balloon

14 Nov 2023

Money Wellness reaches £1 million in write-offs

We've worked tirelessly with creditors to help our most vulnerable customers have their debts written off

Someone places a comforting hand on a man's back
Money Wellness

10 Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day: Michael’s story

When life took an unexpected turn, Michael’s mental health and his finances suffered. Find out what we did to help.

A jigsaw puzzle heart on a wooden head cut-out
Money Wellness

10 Oct 2023

World Mental Health Day: Maisy’s story

How we helped one woman living with mental illness deal with her debt.