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Money Wellness to offer a warm space this winter

Trafford Park-based Money Wellness is to open its doors as an official warm space for people living locally this winter.

The warm space scheme was launched in 2022 with the aim of bringing businesses together to help people in the local community struggling to heat their homes or living in fuel poverty, by offering them an environment throughout the day where they can warm up, charge electrical devises, access Wi-Fi and, in some, cases be offered free food and drink or support and advice.

Over 700 warm spaces emerged last year, which hosted almost 2.5 million visitors. With one in four households estimated to be living in freezing conditions this winter and 14.4 million people living in poverty in the UK, the scheme is more vital than ever.

Ian Somerset, Chief Executive of Money Wellness said: “Cold homes are a reality for millions and this winter is looking especially bleak with energy bills set to rise again from January, standing charges soaring, and the withdrawal of government support.

“We’re already seeing an increased demand for free debt help and that’s before winter has set in, with around 60% of the people who got in touch with us last month already in arrears with their utility providers.

“People need to know they’re not alone in struggling with the cost of living and what better way for businesses to show their support to local communities than to open their doors and let them benefit from heat, warmth, use of electrical chargers and things like that.”

Money Wellness will offer a warm space to anyone living locally completely free of charge every Monday and Wednesday from 6 December from 5:00pm-8:00pm initially for three weeks.

Money Wellness has registered with and to help local residents find them.

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