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Money Wellness to partner with United Utilities

Money Wellness has agreed a partnership with United Utilities to offer support to customers in the North West who are showing early signs of financial distress.

Under the partnership, customers who are struggling to pay their water bills will be offered the chance to complete a Money Wellness health check to identify if they would benefit from free debt help, budgeting advice or support to maximise their benefit entitlement.

The service will be discussed directly with those who are having difficulty keeping on top of their water bill, and if they wish to explore the help available from Money Wellness they will be sent a text message with the link to the online form.Ian Somerset, Chief Executive of Money Wellness, said: “The cost-of-living crisis has left many families struggling to afford their essential bills – with a growing number living in a negative deficit month after month once household bills are paid.

“The current climate has made it more essential than ever before for businesses to take a responsible approach in recognising and supporting customers who are struggling to pay their bills.

“We’re delighted to welcome United Utilities to our growing partnership platform. We believe that by working collaboratively we can support any customers in a vulnerable financial position find a positive way forward with their money worries.”

Chris Lea, Affordability Manager at United Utilities, said: “We already have a range of ways that we can help customers with their water bills as part of our industry-leading £280m package of support schemes, but we know that many people are struggling with other household bills too.

“By partnering with Money Wellness we can let customers know about the additional debt support that is available, and signpost them to the form so they can find out more in their own time.”United Utilities supplies water and wastewater services to around 7 million people across the North West. It offers a range of schemes for people who are struggling with their water bills, including payment matching and pay as you go options. To find out more, visit:

Money Wellness will help any of these customers who require additional support with their finances.

Commissioned by The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), Money Wellness is one of the UK’s leading financial wellness platforms, providing free, independent, and confidential debt advice. It has helped more than one million people find a solution to their money worries

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