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More NHS support to be made available to gamblers

Gambling businesses are to be forced to pay £100 million a year to the NHS to be used to fund new research, prevention, and treatment for people with gambling addictions.

Under the changes, online gambling businesses will be made to pay 1% of their profits, while traditional betting shops and casinos will pay 0.4%.

Currently not all gambling companies contribute equally towards existing support, with some operators paying as little as £1.

The new levy will ensure all operators contribute their fair share and will increase access to treatment and support for those experiencing gambling-related harm. It’ll also help to develop a national approach to prevention and fund independent and high-quality research to help future generations.  

The different levels of payment reflect the significant rise in the number of people gambling online, which has grown considerably because smartphones make it easier to gamble anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, the gambling industry will also no longer be able to say how money for research, prevention and treatment is spent. Instead, the Gambling Commission will distribute funding directly to the NHS and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The NHS announced in July that seven new specialist gambling addiction clinics are to open in Milton Keynes, Thurrock, Derby, Bristol, Liverpool, Blackpool, and Sheffield before the end of the year. These are in addition to seven other clinics that’re already open and running in London, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, and Telford. There’s also a national clinic that treats both gambling and gambling addiction in children and young people in London.

Are you struggling with gambling?

Gambling can harm many areas of your life. This can include problems with your:

  • Relationships
  • Physical and mental health
  • Finances

Treatment and support groups are available if gambling is causing you problems.

The NHS has a number of specialist gambling treatment centres (as mentioned above). They have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists who can:

  • Treat you if gambling is causing you problems
  • Support with your recovery
  • Provide therapy for any complex health needs you have related to gambling
  • Support your family or friends if they need help

You can self-refer to a gambling clinic near your or ask a GP for information on services in your rea.

There are also a number of charities and support groups that offer free, confidential support to people who are gambling, and their friends and family.

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