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Octopus Energy launches new loyalty discount scheme

The country’s fourth largest energy company has launched a new loyalty scheme which’ll reward customers for reducing their energy bills this winter.  

Octopus Energy’s Octoplus will help eligible customers reduce their energy bills. Customers can take part by getting involved in different tasks, such as saving sessions where they’ll be rewarded to reduce their usage during peaks times or by maintaining a healthy energy account.

Customers will also be rewarded for spinning Octopus’ ‘Wheel of Fortune’, to potentially win money off their energy bill, which can be done every time a meter reading is submitted.

Another way of earning points is by referring a friend to Octopus Energy or by taking part in its solar installation scheme.

The new scheme is designed to empower savvy smart meter customers to take control of their energy usage in exchange for a host of benefits and prizes.

Octoplus users will earn ‘Octopoints’ for each activitywith 800 points being worth £1.

Customers can redeem their Octopoints for credit on their energy account, use them to make charitable donations, or exchange them for exclusive Octopus Energy merchandise.

Who’s eligible for Octoplus?

Customers must be receiving electricity from Octopus Energy, have an operational smart meter and pay their bills by direct debit to be eligible to take part.

Smart prepayment customers will also be able to join and can sign up through a banner in their online account on in their app.

What other help is available from Octopus this winter?

Octopus is supporting customers in a number of ways this winter with energy bills sent to remain high.

Through its multi-million-pound Octo Assist Fund it’s offering a range of support options based on circumstances and needs including access to existing schemes, monetary credits or personalised account support, such as payment holidays.

It’s also offering free heated blankets to those in need to help ‘heat the person, not the home’ and keep fuel bills down.

Any customers facing financial hardship this winter should fill out the financial support form - Financial Assistance | Octopus Energy - which requires a few details to better understand the type of support that best suits your circumstances.

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