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Pride month: Meet members of our LBGTQIA+ community group

As part of our celebration of Pride month, we’re running a series of articles looking at ways in which debt and money management affects the community and taking this time to highlight what we’re doing to create an inclusive environment for both Money Wellness staff and customers.


We’ve spoken to some of the members our LGBTQIA+ community group to find out a bit about them and what they’re looking to achieve by getting involved.


 First up is Mercedes Dawson, Engagement and Development Officer at Money Wellness, who founded the LBGTQIA+ group  



Why did you choose to join the LBGTQIA+ community group?


I began this group to elevate voices of communities that can find themselves feeling isolated, misunderstood, or struggling with their wellbeing.  For me it is important to understand the journeys all our colleagues take with us, but it is additionally important to support those who can potentially face more difficulties than others.  For me it is also about our customers too – anything that proactively dedicates thought and innovation around colleagues will therefore be of consideration for and benefit to customers.


What does Pride mean to you?


Pride is about acknowledging how far we have come and how far we have to go, reminding people that progress is still needed


Why is it important to have these groups in the workplace?


As well as driving positive culture and encouraging a workplace where we can all be our authentic selves and thrive, it is also important because our LGBTQIA+ colleagues read headlines and social media posts daily about what is happening in this country and across the globe in relation to the treatment of members of our community. It is important that the workplace understands the impacts to our colleagues, and that managers are there to support them.


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Caroline has worked in financial communications for more than 10 years, writing content on subjects such as pensions, mortgages, loans and credit cards, as well as stockbroking and investment advice.

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