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Cat owners who fail to microchip their moggies to be fined £500

 From 10 June it will be a legal requirement to microchip your cat in England. Owners who fail to comply with the new legislation could face a fine.

According to the PSDA, 22% of cats – 2.4 million – aren’t microchipped.

The new rules, which state cats must be microchipped before the age of 20 weeks, have been introduced to make it easier for lost or stray cats to be reunited with their owners and returned home safely.

The government also hopes that it will tackle common welfare issues for cats such as abandonment.

It costs between £10-£30 to microchip a cat.

Owners who miss the deadline will have 21 days to have a microchip implanted or could be fined up to £500.

In-door cats must also be microchipped.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device that’s inserted under the skin of your pet. It contains a unique code that links your pet to you through an online database.

A microchip is inserted by a vet and it’s a painless procedure for your pet.

Rescue centres, animal wardens and vets all scan for microchips when trying to identify cats and their owners.

Can I get my cat microchipped for free?

Some charities and cat rescue organisations offer microchipping at a reduced rate or even for free. Speak to local organisations to see if they can help you cover the cost.

The Blue Cross charity recently piloted a free cat microchipping scheme to help low-income households. They are running similar schemes all over the country.

While the RSPCA offers the service for £10 for both dogs and cats at £10.

Cats Protection also makes sure all the cats they rehome are microchipped for free before they leave their care.

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