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Disney+ prices set to soar from June

Disney+ members will see their bills increase from Saturday after its ‘Epic Movies, Epic Offer’ promotion comes to an end.

Launched in February, the deal offered viewers membership for just £1.99 per month. But the deal was only available for three months – until the end of May.

Therefore, from Saturday onwards, subscribers will see their Disney+ bill increase to £4.99 in line with the streaming giant’s ‘standard with ads’ price.

The company is also continuing its crackdown on account sharing. This follows the successful rollout of Netflix’s clampdown, which resulted in around 22 million new customers. While Disney hasn't confirmed an exact date, the clampdown is set to hit several countries from June, with a full rollout expected by September.

What are the Disney+ password-sharing rules?

In its T&C’s Disney+ sets out that ‘unless otherwise permitted by your Service Tier, you may not share your subscription outside of your household. ‘Household’ means the collection of devices associated with your primary personal residence that are used by the individuals who reside therein.

As Disney+ currently offers no service tier that allows subscription sharing, its T&Cs are telling you that password sharing is NOT allowed in any form. They may well add an extra service tier later in the year that will allow password sharing for a premium cost.

Who is affected by the Disney+ password-sharing changes?

Disney+ introduced the new password-sharing rules in Canada in 2023. It has since extended them to include America and the UK from 14 March 2024. Enforcement of the rules will begin in the summer of 2024.

How will Disney+ stop me from sharing my password?

Disney+ will monitor account activity to ensure households aren't sharing their subscriptions. They will use location data, device details, and other information like IP addresses to detect if someone is accessing your account from a different location.

If the system suspects you're letting someone else use your account, you'll be prompted to sign up for your own Disney+ subscription. They might even "limit or terminate access to the service" if they believe you're improperly sharing your account.

While they're unlikely to take legal action against ordinary users, they could restrict or close your account if they catch you sharing it.

How can I bag a Disney+ bargain now that the promotion price is ending?

Fear not - there are still ways to bag a Disney+ freebie or discount.

Virgin Media customers can get the service free for 6 months, plus a swanky new LG smart TV. And O2 is offering 6 months free to certain pay-monthly SIM plan punters.

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