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Disney+ to crack down on password sharing sooner than expected

Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Disney+ is to ban password sharing from 1 November - far sooner than expected.

Disney+ customers in Canada will be the first to see their free access cut off before the scheme is rolled out around the rest of the world.

The company announced in August it planned to crack down on password sharing and is doing it through an updated subscription agreement.

The agreement rules out the possibility of sharing subscriptions outside of your household, which it deems as ‘the collection of devices associated with your primary personal residence’ and the people who live there.

Any households caught flouting the rules could see their accounts completely cancelled, with Disney warning customers it’s their responsibility to ensure passwords are kept confidential.

The ban on account sharing coincides with Disney+ launching a new ad-supported tier in Canada, the UK and Europe from 1 November.

This will run alongside the more expensive ad-free tier, with customers being able to move to the cheaper plan if and when they want.

Disney is also exploring other ways for customers to legitimately share accounts with friends and family, but this is also likely to attract a fee.


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