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Image of a child hugging his dad while he opens a gift. Kids spend less on father's day than mother's day
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Kids spend less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day

Kids are set to spend £695 million on Father’s Day this year, according to a survey by Global Data.

Despite spending expected to be 1.8% higher in 2024 than the year before, kids fork out much less on their dads than they do on their mums for Mother’s Day.

Overall, Father’s Day spending is about half of Mother’s Day spend. 40% of those surveyed by Global Data said they spend less because they find it harder to buy the right gift for the father figure in their lives.

Despite cutting back on gifts, children are happy to shell out on going out with their dads, with spend on food, drink and entertainment a similar amount on both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

With so many people looking for Father’s Day gift inspiration or struggling to afford to treat them the way they’d like, we’ve pulled together some ideas to help you spoil your dad without spending a lot:

Homemade Gifts

• Bake his favourite treats

• Create a personalised card or artwork

• Put together a scrapbook of family memories

Quality Time

• Plan a picnic in the park

• Go for a hike or bike ride together

• Have a movie marathon of his preferred films

Thoughtful Gestures

• Make him a special breakfast or brunch

• Give him a relaxing day of pampering (e.g. foot massage, shave, etc.)

• Surprise him by handling his chores for the day

No-Cost Activities

• Have a game night with his preferred board/video games

• Go stargazing or cloud-watching together

• Visit a local museum or art gallery (check out the ones that offer free admission)

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