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Managing your money

Picture outside of number 10 Downing Street
Do we need maths to 18? Or would money management lessons be more helpful?

Do Rishi Sunak's plans for maths to 18 really add up?

A woman with a shopping basket standing in a supermarket aisle reading the label of a food item she is holding in her hand
How to cut the cost of your supermarket shop

Tips on how to cut the cost of your supermarket shop in the face of rising inflation.

A close up of the Chancellor's red budget briefcase
What the spring budget means for you

A roundup of the key announcements in Jeremey Hunt's spring budget.

Close up of someone checking their credit score on their mobile phone
Plans revealed to help people build credit file in just three months

A new pilot scheme by Experian has been launched to help people with little or no credit history build a credit file in just three months.

Woman curled up on a sofa with a cup of tea and a book
World Book Day: our top five reads on managing your money better

To celebrate World Book Day 2023, we've come up with a list of our top five reads to help you manage your money better.

Coins and bank notes on top of a HMRC tax bill
How will the government's tax plans affect me?

How the tax changes announced in the autumn statement 2022 and due to come into force in April 2023 will affect your income.

A jar of coins with a plant growing out of it
Whip your finances into shape in 2023

Our top ten money-saving hints and tips for 2023.

Close up of a woman using a calculator as she sits in front of a computer
How to prioritise your spending

How to decide which bills and expenses should be covered first if you're struggling to cover all your monthly costs.

A couple embracing having moved into a new place
Setting financial goals

What are financial goals, why are they useful and how you should go about setting them.

A close up of a woman clutching lots of brightly coloured paper shopping bags.
The psychology of impulse buying

What are the causes of impulse buying and how to avoid it.