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15 Jun 2023

Money Wellness warns salary advance schemes are masking a debt crisis

Does your employer offer a salary advance scheme? It's a great benefit to cover a surprise expense but could be masking mounting debt if you're regularly dipping in

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Money Wellness

07 Jun 2023

Money Wellness launches LGBTQIA+ community group

Find about the LBGTQIA+ community group we've created to ensure staff and our customers feel heard and understood when it comes to issues that affect them

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Money Wellness

19 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week: Paul’s story

How a DRO helped Paul get on top of his money after having to give up work due to a spinal injury

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18 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week: Trevor’s story

How bankruptcy is helping Trevor get his finances back on track

Operational trainer Caroline - now a newly qualified mental health first aider
Money Wellness

17 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week: helping colleagues live more and stress less

Our colleague Caroline talks about becoming a mental health first aider.

A hand holds up a yellow speech bubble sign with the words 'mental health' written on it
Money Wellness

16 May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week: Sophie’s story

How a DRO helped a customer with borderline personality disorder get her finances back on track.

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24 Apr 2023

We've formed a partnership with Rethink Mental Illness

We've partnered with Rethink Mental Illness to provide more specialist help to people in debt living with mental health illness

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Money Wellness

13 Apr 2023

Reducing our carbon footprint

We've partnered with Woodland Trust to offset our carbon footprint

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06 Apr 2023

We've partnered with Young Enterprise to deliver financial education to local school children

We're helping children to plan for their future by delivering money management workshops in local schools

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02 Apr 2023

National Autism Day 2nd April - A personal perspective on living with autism

Jessica Reinthal Digby, HR Coordinator at Money Wellness, talks about living with her autistic son Beau