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Woman in yellow shirt holds a mobile phone

28 Feb 2024

Broadband and mobile prices set to rise by 8.8% in April

You could get hit with price hikes of up to 8.8% as many major providers have now confirmed price rises. Find out why, and if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Image of a pensioner sitting next to a storage heater looking cold while reading a bill. Nearly 10 million households live in cold homes

26 Feb 2024

Nearly 10 million households live in cold homes

A third of households in the UK live in poorly insulated homes and can’t afford an acceptable standard of living. Find out what support is available here

Image of a gas hob being turned on. Ofgem announces energy prices to fall from April. What do you if you have energy debt. Can't afford gas and electricity

23 Feb 2024

Energy to fall to its lowest price for two years from April

Households will see their energy bills drop by £238 a year this spring

Image of a council tax bill with pound coins on top and a red monopoly house. Find out how much your council tax will increase in April

21 Feb 2024

Majority of councils to raise tax by the maximum allowed

New figures show that nearly all councils plan to increase council tax by the maximum allowed. Find out what it means for your household bills here

A close up of a lit gas ring.

20 Feb 2024

Energy bills expected to fall by £300 a year

Although energy bills are expected to fall by an average of £300 a year in April, 5.3 million people are still behind with their payments. Find out what to do if you’re struggling.

Image of someone filling a glass from a kitchen tap. What if you can't pay your water bill

05 Feb 2024

Water bills to rise by 6% on average

Water bills sent to climb by £27 a year for the average family home. Find out what it means for you

Image of a radiator with a blue piggy bank on top and a wallet. Prepayment meter debt - what help is available for paying energy bills

05 Feb 2024

Prepayment meter debt rises to £1 billion

Households on prepayment meters have racked up £1 billion of debt according to research by Bfy Consulting. Find out what help is available

Close up image of someone holding an Xbox gaming handset. BT customers unknowingly charged for Xbox Game Passes - get a refund

29 Jan 2024

Millions of BT customers warned they could have been overcharged

BT customers advised to check to see if they’ve been unwittingly charged for Xbox Game Passes – find out how to check if you’ve been affected and how to get your money back

Image of a key board with a yellow post-it note on top saying 'tax return' - three days left to submit a self-assessment tax return or face fines - even if you have no tax to pay

29 Jan 2024

Three-day warning for millions of self-employed

Anyone who is self-employed has just three days left to submit a self-assessment or face fines of up to £900

A dad and his daughter huddle under a blanket together because they can't afford to top up their prepayment meter

24 Jan 2024

Two million struggling energy-prepayment-meter customers to be cut off this winter

Find out what help’s available if you can’t afford to top up.