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Image of a radiator with a pottery house sat on top wrapped in a small scarf. Energy debt - what help is available. Can't afford to pay energy bills

24 Jan 2024

Energy prices to fall by 16% from April

Energy prices are set to fall from April – find out what it’ll mean for and what to do if you’re struggling to pay for energy right now

Image of a man writing in a note book with a toy car on top and a car full of coins falling over at the side to show ways to save on your car insurance premium

22 Jan 2024

The brakes haven’t been applied to the cost of car insurance

Car insurance rises are showing no sign of breaking. Here’s our cheeky tips to save on your renewal in 2024

A woman's hands holding a model of a house with a warm light inside

18 Jan 2024

Those who need to confirm details to get warm home discount urged to act

People who have been asked to ring the warm-home-discount helpline to confirm their details have been urged to act by 29 February or risk losing out on £150.

A worried looking man looking at his energy bill

17 Jan 2024

Poorest have seen their energy debt double since 2022 – what to do if you’re behind with your bills

As new analysis shows energy debt among Britain's poorest households has doubled since 2022, we offer advice on what to do if you've fallen behind with your bills.

A sign saying 'cold weather ahead' in front of snow-covered trees

15 Jan 2024

Freezing temperatures will see thousands receive cold weather payments

As the mercury plummets, find out which areas will be getting cold weather payments and if you're eligible.

A worried looking woman going through her bills after Christmas

02 Jan 2024

Dealing with a financial hangover after Christmas

Find out how to tackle a financial hangover if you've overspent this Christmas.

Daffodils on a sunny spring morning

22 Dec 2023

Spring expected to bring relief to hard-pressed Brits

Following a tough winter, spring could bring hope for struggling households as energy bills look set to fall and pensions, benefits and wages increase.

An in-home display showing energy usage information

15 Dec 2023

Are Octopus saving sessions worth it?

Find out how much money I earnt by taking part in two Octopus saving sessions.

Image of people stood in a circle looking at their mobile phones

12 Dec 2023

Ofcom moves to ban mobile and broadband mid-contract price hikes

Ofcom to ban mid-contract price hikes for mobile and broadband customers. Find out what it means for your bills here

Image of a man inside a car with a mobile phone mounted on the dash board selecting a parking app

12 Dec 2023

Motorists warned about dangers of searching for parking apps - don't get caught out!

Which? has warned motorists not to use Google or other search engines when downloading parking apps as they might end up paying for costly subscriptions they don’t need