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20 Mar 2024

Average rent over £1,000 a month

with rent prices remaining high, here's what to do if you're struggling to afford your payments.

Image of a prepayment meter. Seven companies approved to recommence force fitting prepayment meters

18 Mar 2024

Energy firms granted permission to restart force-fitting payment meters

Several energy companies have been granted approval to resume force-fitting payment meters in homes. Find out of if your supplier is on the list

an illustrated couple filling a blue car up with petrol

14 Mar 2024

Car tax set to rise with inflation

UK drivers will be hit with a standard car tax increase from April, based on the Retail Price Index (RPI). Find out if you're exempt.

an illustration of a row of different houses

14 Mar 2024

Government cracks down on council tax of empty homes

If you own a second home that's empty, you could face a premium charge for council tax.

shell energy logo in blue sky

13 Mar 2024

Octopus Energy buys Shell- but what does it mean for Shell's customers?

Octopus Energy has bought Shell Energy’s household electricity and gas business, making it the second biggest energy firm in the UK after British Gas. What does this mean for current Shell customers?

illustration of a pot on a gas hob

07 Mar 2024

Deadline for British Gas Individual and Families Fund tomorrow

The British Gas Individual and Families Fund is closing tomorrow, Friday March 8th at 4pm. Find out how to apply.

wooden house with a scarf tied around it on top of a radiator

06 Mar 2024

An estimated 6.5 million households in fuel poverty

Official statistics show that fuel poverty affecting households is higher than ever.

A woman holding a smart meter with a cup of tea

04 Mar 2024

Almost one million households will need a smart meter by 2025

Almost one million households will be forced to fit a smart meter or face higher heating bills. Find out what this means for you.

Image of a man reading an energy bill. Energy standing charges to increase from April

01 Mar 2024

Standing charges to rise from April

Households will be hit by rising standing charges on electricity and gas from April

Rows of pound coins next to a radiator dial

29 Feb 2024

Should you switch energy supplier ahead of April's price cap?

Energy providers have launched new tariffs that may work out cheaper than staying on a price capped one. Find out whether you should stay on a price capped tariff, or switch to a better deal.