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    money saver

    Beat the April price rises!

    After a Money Wellness survey reveals over 90% of Brits are worried about April 2023 price rises, we look at how much more things are going to cost and what help is available to support people who are struggling.

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    Two gas hob rings alight next to an illuminated light bulb

    How will the new energy price cap affect your bills?

    Why your energy bills are going up when the amount suppliers can charge for a unit of gas and electricity is going down.

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    A piggy bank next to an appliance plug and a pile of cash

    What to do if one of your energy discount vouchers has expired

    What to do if you have expired vouchers from the government's energy bills support scheme.

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    Close up of woman in kitchen holding smart energy meter measuring energy efficiency

    Rising energy prices: what support is there?

    The financial support available to UK households, as well as energy-saving hints and tips.

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    Man adjusting the temperature on the thermostat in his house

    50 energy saving tips to help you cut costs

    50 energy-saving tips to save you money.

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    money booster

    Charitable grants to help with the rising cost of living

    Who can get a charitable grant to help with rising living costs and how to apply.

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    Smiling young man checks his mobile phone as he walks down a street
    managing your money

    Top 5 UK budgeting tools for 2023

    Six of the best websites and apps to help you budget better in 2023.

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