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Close-up of a man paying for something on a laptop using a credit card

01 Aug 2023

How to deal with credit card debt as rates reach 27-year high

As the interest rates on credit cards reach a 27-year high, we look at the best way for people in different financial situations to deal with credit card debt.

A worried-looking woman sits at a laptop going through her bills

21 Jul 2023

Call for money advice to go hand-in-hand with mental health support

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has called on the government to invest in a joined up approach to money advice and early mental health support.

Image of a person holding a phone with a buy now pay later check out screen open

21 Jul 2023

Millions don’t realise debt risk of buy now pay later

More people are using buy now pay later than any other form of credit but around half of adults in the UK aren't even aware that it could land them in debt, according to a new survey

Image of a man signing a financial contract

20 Jul 2023

What does Consumer Duty mean for you?

With just days to go until Consumer Duty comes into effect, we take a look at the changes and what it’ll means for you as a customer

Image of woman with her head in her hands looks at bills in front of her

18 Jul 2023

1.3m households missed a bill payment in a single month

Missed a payment last month because you couldn't afford it? You're not alone - 1.3 million households did. We look at the help that's available

Image of the NewDay team who listened to the talks

10 Jul 2023

Money Wellness highlights support needs of vulnerable customers in debt

We were invited to speak at two big events last week to help highlight the extra support some customers may need when they find themselves struggling with problem debt

Illustrated image of a man in a suit surrounded by lots of bills with his head in his hands

15 Jun 2023

Money Wellness warns salary advance schemes are masking a debt crisis

Does your employer offer a salary advance scheme? It's a great benefit to cover a surprise expense but could be masking mounting debt if you're regularly dipping in

Image of a man holding a smart meter

14 Jun 2023

Charities call for ‘help to repay’ scheme for people struggling with energy debt

Leading charities call on the government to help the one in ten UK adults struggling with energy arrears with a 'right to repay' scheme

woman washing tomatoes in the sink

07 Jun 2023

Don’t let water bills rain on your parade

We look at ways to reduce water waste this summer and tell you what to do if you get into debt with your water provider

image of the financial conduct authority logo

05 Jun 2023

FCA bans debt packaging firms receiving fees for referring customers

We welcome the ban on debt packing firms receiving fees for referring customers. Read on to find out how this affects you and how the ban will benefit thousands of people struggling with problem debt