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A woman getting into her car with lots of shopping bags
Over a quarter of Brits hiding spending from loved ones

A new survey has revealed 28% of Brits are hiding spending from loved ones. Find out what to do if your spending is out of control.

A sad-looking young man sits on the steps outside some flats

22 Sep 2023

More support announced for youngsters leaving care

More local authorities sign up to a scheme to help young people leaving care with the transition to independent living.

Image of a couple staring into each others eyes drinking a cup of coffee

20 Sep 2023

Telling a new partner about your debt

Married at First Sight UK returned to our screens this week. To celebrate its return, we've looked at the best way to speak to a new partner about debt

Image of a row of credit cards

14 Sep 2023

People less able to pay off debt on 0% balance transfer cards

Banks are reducing the length of 0% balance transfers on offer

A worried woman sits on the floor considering whether to seek help with financial abuse

04 Sep 2023

Victims of economic abuse ‘aren’t getting the justice they deserve’

New research shows, although economic abuse is now being reported to the police on a regular basis, it's not being dealt with effectively.

A purse and a stopwatch

04 Sep 2023

More than one in seven buy-now-pay-later users have been charged a late fee

Research by the Money and Pensions Service has shown 14% of BNPL users have missed a repayment and been charged a fee.

Image of a shark with a hat and a swag bag standing over a worried looking man
Beware – loan sharks come in all shapes and sizes!

The country's oldest loan shark was spared jail this week after 20 years of illegal lending and intimidation. Would you be able to spot a loan shark or know how to report one?

Wooden blocks against a whitewashed brick wall spelling out buy-now-pay-later

30 Aug 2023

Buy-now-pay-later users ‘more likely to be in financial difficulty’

21% of BNPL users have fallen behind with unsecured debt repayments in the last year, compared with 6% of other borrowers.

An online hacker at a laptop steals online information

09 Aug 2023

Cyber attack on electoral registers – your questions answered

Find out what to do if you're worried about the cyber attack on the UK's electoral registers.

image of a woman looking at bills and holding her head in her hands

02 Aug 2023

Number of missed payments already at winter levels

A study by consumer group, Which? reveals that the number of people missing payments has risen to levels usually seen in during the winter. What should you do if you miss payments and when should you get help?