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Polling station sign outside a church
cost of living

05 Jan 2024

Fresh living-standards challenge expected in election runup

The end of 1.5 million fixed-rate mortgage deals will likely see voters going to the polls with financial concerns at the forefront of their minds, according to a leading think tank.

A young family go through their finances together
cost of living

05 Jan 2024

Families facing a further £5k cost-of-living rise in 2024

The cost-of-living crisis is far from over, according to the Liberal Democrats, who warn that middle-income families will be hit hard in 2024.

Image of 2024 in cubes with the '0' being a gold piggy bank and someone dropping a coin into it
Key dates for your money in 2024

There’s lots of money changes coming in 2024. Find out how they’ll affect you and what they mean for your household finances

A company boss gazing out of his office window at the city below

04 Jan 2024

Top bosses to surpass the average worker’s salary less than 4 days into 2024

As you get ready to tuck into your lunch today, Britain's big bosses' earnings will already have surpassed the typical fulltime worker's annual salary. Try not to choke on your sandwich.

A mother smiling at her new baby

04 Jan 2024

Upgraded child benefit system makes it easier and faster for new parents to claim

New parents can now claim child benefit online for the first time ever. Find out how to claim and what you’ll get.

A boy playing at nursery
Money Saver

03 Jan 2024

Free childcare applications open for working parents of two year olds

Working parents of two year olds can now apply for 15 hours of free childcare a week starting in April. Find out if you're eligible and the best time to apply.

Image of London's West End
money booster

03 Jan 2024

See live entertainment for just £15 in 2024

See world class productions for just £15 in the ATG January Sale

An online clothes seller preparing an order
money booster

02 Jan 2024

New rules target people not declaring income from side hustles

Making cash from selling on Etsy, Vinted or eBay? If you’re not declaring the extra income to HMRC, new rules forcing firms to share sellers’ details could bring you to the attention of the tax authorities. Find out if you’re affected and what to do if you’re worried.

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