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Image of a child looking happy holding out a wrapped Christmas present
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05 Dec 2023

Help for families who can’t afford Christmas presents for the kids

Millions of households will struggle to afford Christmas presents this year. Here's a list of the charities and organisations who help make sure every child wakes up to a gift from Santa

A jar of coins with the word 'Xmas' written on it, a bow on the top and some pine cones scattered on the table next to it
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29 Nov 2023

Could you get a Christmas grant?

Find out how you might be able to boost your income ahead of Christmas.

Image of a thermometer showing freezing in the snow
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29 Nov 2023

Cold weather compensation

Are you entitled to a £25 payment to help with heating bills when temperatures drop?

Image of a female pensioner counting out coins from her purse
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27 Nov 2023

Millions of pensioners to get £600 winter support from today – find out if you’re eligible

Pensioners will start receiving payments of up to £600 in their bank accounts from today to help with winter bills

Image of 'minimum wage' written on a piece of paper in black with a red arrow pointing upwards as if to suggest it's going up

21 Nov 2023

Record wage boost for millions

Minimum wage to rise to £11.44 from next April - the largest increase in more than a decade. Find out how it'll benefit you

A child plays with colourful toys at nursery

27 Oct 2023

Check if you’re eligible for help with childcare – new tool launched

A new tool has been launched so parents can see what childcare support they can get based on the age of their child and their salary.

An alarm clock standing on fallen autumn leaves
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26 Oct 2023

Profitable ways to spend the extra hour when the clocks go back

Get ideas on how to use the extra hour when the clocks go back to give your finances a boost.

Class action lawsuit paperwork with a gavel and two cogs
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04 Oct 2023

New PPI lawsuit could see victims receive thousands of pounds

A new PPI lawsuit has been filed on behalf of people whose claims were rejected or who didn't get back commission pocketed by banks.

Atari Space Invaders and Pac Man game cartridges
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22 Sep 2023

Which toys from the '80s could make you a tidy packet?

We look at ten of the most valuable vintage toys from the '80s. Have you got any of these treasures hiding in your attic?

Image of medical notes with a tag that says clinical negligence and a stethoscope on top

18 Sep 2023

Medical negligence victims to have compensation sped up

People who have suffered because of medical negligence will receive compensation more quickly under government changes to the rules