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Image of a runner with shoes in focus. Become a product tester - get free shoes and clothes
Money Saver

08 Apr 2024

Find out how to get free trainers and clothing

Some of the world’s largest sports brands offer free apparel and trainers to people willing to try out their products. Find out how to sign up for the schemes here

woman thinking about her debts

08 Apr 2024

Buy now pay later credit quadruples with campaigners calling for the sector to be regulated

If you're struggling with buy now, pay later loans and products- we can help.

purse with pounds falling out

08 Apr 2024

Universal credit rate increase- what does it mean for you?

Check how much universal credit you'll get with the rates rising.

pensioners adding coins to a jar
cost of living

08 Apr 2024

State pension rises by 8.5% today- what is the triple lock?

The state pension is rising by 8.5%. What does the triple lock mean for you?

Image of a pile of coins getting higher with monopoly houses on top saying A, B, C, D. Thousands of people exempt from paying council tax or due a discount - find out how to make a saving here

08 Apr 2024

With bills rising last week - find out how to make savings on your council tax

Thousands of households could be exempt from paying council tax or entitled to discounts. Find out if you're one of them

Image of someone having her nails done. Getting your nails done will be more expensive from today. Beauty saving hacks
cost of living

08 Apr 2024

Getting your nails done will be more expensive from today

Nail salons are increasing prices up and down the country from today. Here’s our money saving beauty hacks to keep you looking your best without breaking the bank

man drowning in bills

05 Apr 2024

Energy suppliers choosing to take more and more customers to court to recover unpaid bills

As energy debt increases, suppliers are taking more customers to court about unpaid bills. If you're struggling with your energy bills, find out how to get help.

woman in blanker in her house with a heater

05 Apr 2024

DWP paid £5 billion in support for energy bills this Winter

An estimated £5 billion in support has been paid throughout Winter to help families with energy costs. Find out if you can get any help with your energy bill.

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