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21 Nov 2023

Budget food prices rise fastest than other ranges

Budget and own-brand food prices are soaring according to Which's October food and drink tracker. Find out how to make savvy savings to your weekly food shop

11 Downing Street, the official residence of the chancellor of the exchequer

cost of living

21 Nov 2023

Three quarters of the country hold little hope for the autumn statement

A new poll has revealed 73% of people aren't expecting the autumn statement to contain policies that will help them financially.

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cost of living

21 Nov 2023

One in eight have committed fraud in the last year

The cost-of-living crisis could be changing people's attitudes towards fraud, the results of a new survey suggest.

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20 Nov 2023

Are benefits about to be cut?

Experts believe that the chancellor is about to announce benefits won't be increased inline with September's inflation figures. Find out what it means for your payments

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20 Nov 2023

School stops feeding kids if parents don’t pay their debts

A school in the North East is punishing children if their parents can't afford to pay food or travel bills

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20 Nov 2023

Confusing stats ‘making it hard to identify those struggling most with rising cost of living’

A new report claims the government's inconsistent measures of poverty are making it hard to identify those in greatest need.

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20 Nov 2023

Thousands benefit from free legal support

Millions of pounds of free legal help has been made available by the government - are you eligible

Benefits claimant speaks to an adviser at the JobCentre


17 Nov 2023

Unemployed not seeking work face mandatory work placements and loss of benefits

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has warned there will be consequences for people who refuse help under the government's new back to work plan.

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17 Nov 2023

Energy bills set to rise by 5% in January

Energy bills are set to rise again next year - find out what it means for your household

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