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Image of a woman with a woolly hat on looking cold on the phone to her energy provider with a bill in her hard. Household support fund - how it could help with energy bills

26 Jan 2024

Low income families urged to seek help with energy bills

Get help with energy costs from the household support fund. Find out what support you can get

Image of a man opening an empty wallet in front of credit cards and a calculator. What to do if you can't afford to pay bills
cost of living

26 Jan 2024

2.4 million households missed an essential payment in January

Households are increasingly missing essential payments amidst cost of living pressures

A dad and his daughter huddle under a blanket together because they can't afford to top up their prepayment meter

24 Jan 2024

Two million struggling energy-prepayment-meter customers to be cut off this winter

Find out what help’s available if you can’t afford to top up.

Image of a radiator with a pottery house sat on top wrapped in a small scarf. Energy debt - what help is available. Can't afford to pay energy bills

24 Jan 2024

Energy prices to fall by 16% from April

Energy prices are set to fall from April – find out what it’ll mean for and what to do if you’re struggling to pay for energy right now

Image of a supermarket fruit shelf with the labels in focus. Clamp down on hidden booking fees, fake reviews and labelling
Government to clamp down on hidden fees and fake reviews

The government is to outlaw a number of unfair trading practices to protect your money. Find out what the changes mean for you

An illustration of a man and a woman with empty pockets

24 Jan 2024

Woefully inadequate working-age benefits mean people can’t afford the basics

Find out what help’s available if your benefits aren’t covering the essentials.

Image of a woman and a child staring out of a train window will the countryside wizzes by. Great British Rail Sale - discounted rail tickets
money booster

23 Jan 2024

50% off millions of train tickets from today

Be quick – you’ve just a week to bag major savings on your rail tickets

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